DescriptionSHAMAN is a shiny application for differential analysis of metagenomic data (16S, 18S, 23S, 28S, ITS and WGS) including bioinformatics treatment of raw reads for targeted metagenomics, statistical analysis and results visualization with a large variety of plots (barplot, boxplot, heatmap, …). The bioinformatics treatment is based on Vsearch [Rognes 2016] which showed to be both accurate and fast [Wescott 2015] . The statistical analysis is based on DESeq2 R package [Anders and Huber 2010] which robustly identifies the differential abundant features as suggested in [McMurdie and Holmes 2014, Jonsson2016] . SHAMAN robustly identifies the differential abundant genera with the Generalized Linear Model implemented in DESeq2 [Love 2014] . SHAMAN is compatible with standard formats for metagenomic analysis (.csv, .tsv, .biom) and figures can be downloaded in several formats.
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