French Institute of Bioinformatics (IFB) has set up a federation of clouds, Biosphere, which relies on interconnected IT infrastructures of some IFB’s platforms, providing distributed services to analyze life science data. Biosphere provides multi-cloud deployment that help for example to combine larger CPU resources, to use different data sources, and to guarantee the availability of cloud resources. Biosphere is used for scientific production in the life sciences, developments, and also to support events like cloud and scientific training sessions, hackathons or workshops.

The Biosphere portal provides different high-level cloud interfaces to analyze your data:

  • The RAINBio catalogue to select the bioinformatics cloud appliances, useful for your analysis,
  • An operating center to manage your cloud deployments with single virtual machines (VM) or complex applications with multiple VM
  • A data center where you will find common public data available in the clouds.

Biosphere already gathers five academic clouds deployed in regional IFB platforms: IFB-core , GenOuest , PRABI-LBBE , BiRD , BIstrO. Other clouds are under deployment and will be added to the federation once operationnal: GenoToul-Bioinfo , RPBS , PSMN ENSL-Lyon.